Florence brings Flooding and Mosquitoes to PWC

Virginia floodingAs the remnants of Hurricane Florence have pushed farther north and west of the eastern seaboard, heavy rains have inundated areas of northern Virginia and caused flooding as far north as DC. Not only did the areas around the floodplains get a major increase in flooding, but the ground in general became heavily saturated with rainwater, thus providing a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes to lay eggs and increase their number.

Mosquito Breeding in Wet Yard Areas

Mosquito life cycleMosquitoes will typically lay their eggs in areas where rainwater collects naturally, such as in ponds and along the banks of rivers and streams, but with all the rain that Florence brought to Prince William County quite a few homeowners have noticed that mosquito populations have increased dramatically since the storm. This is because the mosquitoes can now easily lay their eggs in just about any location where there is still water pooling from the rains, and until the ground is fully dry this will continue unless action is taken to eliminate the mosquitoes ability to reproduce.

Mosquito Exterminators can Remedy the Excess Mosquito Populations

Homeowners and business owners in PWC towns like Manassas, Woodbridge, Bristow, and Gainesville have found out quickly that the normal methods of controlling mosquito populations don’t work very well when dealing with the abundance of adult mosquitoes and their larvae which are being found in areas where they normally don’t go, so calling expert mosquito control company’s like Mosquito Tek is the only viable solution to completely eliminating the excess mosquitoes. Mosquito Tek can come in and not only kill all the adult mosquitoes, but they can also kill all the eggs and larvae throughout the grassy areas of your yard.

Killing the Mosquitoes using Organic Mosquito Control

Although it’s recommended in the worst case scenarios of mosquito infestations that a full strength commercial grade insecticide be used to address killing the mosquitoes, Mosquito Tek can also treat this extreme issue with an organic alternative that has only all-natural ingredients in the insecticide. Both conventional and organic insecticides will exterminate all the mosquitoes, and while the conventional insecticide effectively lasts up to 3 weeks, the organic mosquito control insecticides will last up to 2 weeks.

Create a Larger Area of Protection Against Mosquitoes with a Neighborhood Plan

Whenever a mosquito technician performs a mosquito service for a property, there is still the properties that surround the area where the treatment has been done that can serve as breeding areas for mosquitoes. The best way to expand the area that will not only kill off all the mosquitoes and their larvae within the local vicinity of a neighborhood is to get neighbors together to purchase an extermination plan as a group. By doing so the costs can be spread out and a discount can be enjoyed by all the participants. Contact Mosquito Tek today and ask about the Neighborhood discount plans.

Heavy Rains from Florence bring Flooding and Mosquitoes to NOVA

As Hurricane Florence pounded the Carolina’s and brought record setting amounts of rainfall, Virginia residents found out that the sheer size of this storm also sent large amounts of rain, tornadoes and flooding well into the Northern Virginia area and into DC. Couple the flooding throughout Fairfax and Arlington counties with the already high temperatures, and suddenly the area becomes a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Widespread Breeding areas for Mosquitoes

mosquito larvaeCompany owners and homeowners in areas like Alexandria are noticing the increase of mosquitoes after the rains have subsided, and one of the main reasons why this is happening is because mosquitoes lay their eggs in water where they hatch and the larvae can feed and grow into adult mosquitoes. Normally this happens where water occurs naturally such as in ponds or on the edges of rivers, streams, and lakes, but with the ground in Northern Virginia being heavily saturated, mosquitoes can quickly reproduce within the grassy areas where flooding has occurred.

Controlling Mosquito Populations with Professional Extermination

While some homeowners will try their best to control the additional mosquito populations using insecticides from their local hardware supply store, the only way to truly exterminate both the adult mosquitoes and their eggs is to leave it in the hands of mosquito control experts who not only understand where to use larvicides that will kill the larvae, but also wipe out all the adult mosquitoes using highly concentrated commercial grade mosquito insecticides. Mosquito Tek provides mosquito extermination services throughout Northern Virginia locations such as Alexandria, Arlington, Reston, and Annandale, and can effectively eliminate them using either conventional insecticides, or using organic mosquito control methods that use insecticides which are 100% safe under every circumstance with all-natural ingredients.

Eliminating Mosquitoes using Organic Methods

Even though most people elect to have the mosquito technicians use the strongest spray available when performing a treatment, there are many who have organic gardens or have businesses where there is a need for using insecticides which contain only all-natural ingredients. Mosquito Tek provides an organic mosquito control treatment that will not only kill all the additional mosquitoes that are plaguing the area from the flooding, but can do so with no impact on the environment whatsoever.

Expand the Radius of Protection Against the Mosquitoes with a Neighborhood Group Plan

When a mosquito extermination treatment is done on only a single location without treating the properties surrounding it, there are still locations where mosquitoes have an opportunity to breed. One of the best ways to expand the area where mosquitoes are not only exterminated, but their breeding sites get wiped out and the barrier spray can cover a wider area is to group neighbors together and get the advantages of group pricing by having multiple properties done simultaneously. Mosquito Tek offers discount pricing to groups and will work with your neighborhood to completely eradicate mosquitoes from making your neighborhood their home.

Will the East Asian Tick Spread to the Arlington Area This Year?

east asian tick exterminationThe East Asian tick has made the news in the last few days because it is a new tick species that was identified as being in the United States this year. It was first identified last fall, but efforts were made to eradicate it. Unfortunately, scientists have determined that those efforts did not work, and the species has been established in New Jersey.

Why Are People Concerned About the East Asian Tick?

It is an extremely invasive species that originated in Asia. When it first spread to Australia it caused significant problems for farmers there. The ticks are often found around farms animals, but they can also be found on large animals like deer. The East Asian tick does carry the SFTS virus, which is a new virus that was first discovered in 2009. It has potential for serious complications and scientists worry about a potential outbreak.

How Does the East Asian Tick Spread?

The experts are not sure how the East Asian tick made its way to the United States. However, once it is in the United States, it moves from area to area by attaching itself to an animal that travels from one area to another. As the animals move out, the ticks will spread out across the country. It can also move on farm animals as they are shipped from state to state. With all of these factors, it is difficult to determine just when the East Asian tick will reach the Arlington area.

Are Other Ticks an Issue?

The experts have predicted a record tick season for the state of Virginia. The winter weather was especially conducive to ticks, which means that you need to be sure to take steps to protect yourself from ticks. One of the things that you can do is to be sure to wear insect repellent with DEET in it whenever you visit an area that is prone to ticks. You can also protect yourself by wearing long sleeves and pants. You add additional protection when you tuck your shirt into your pants and your pants into your socks. Another step that you can take to protect your family is to treat your yard for ticks.

What Do I Do If I Find a Tick on Me?

You will need to remove the tick right away by using tweezers. Ticks can spread a number of serious illnesses including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. This is spread when the tick regurgitates after feeding. The sooner you remove the ticks the less likely you are to catch an illness.


What Are the Signs of SFTS?

east Asian tick extermination
Image courtesy of Borislav Dopudja CC by-S.A. 3.0

There are have been reports that the East Asian tick has spread to the United States. This tick is one of the only known carriers of the deadly SFTS virus. This virus was first discovered in China in 2009. Each year there are more people that contract it. While there are no known cases of the virus in the United States, scientists are worried that it could spread now that the East Asian tick has established itself here.

What Are the Symptoms of the STFS Virus?

The SFTS virus starts out with a fever. The patient may also experience nausea and diarrhea. The virus can affect the liver making the enzyme levels off. It can also lower both the platelet and white blood cell count, which can make people more vulnerable to complications. Some people will suffer multiple organ failure as a result. The mortality rate is currently about twelve percent, but it was higher when the disease was first discovered. Early identification of the disease seems to increase the chances of survival. Treatment is focused on treating and managing the symptoms since it is a viral illness.

Is the STFS in the Manassas Area?

The STFS virus has not been identified in the United States. The East Asian tick has only been found in New Jersey at this point, but it is expected to spread across the United States as it is an extremely invasive species. Officials worry that the SRTS virus will be able to spread quickly once the East Asian tick is firmly established throughout the United States.

Should I Be Worried About Other Ticks?

Scientists have predicted a very active tick season in the Virginia area this year. This means that you should take care to protect yourself and your family from the ticks that are already in Virginia and that can make you sick by spreading tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease. You should always wear insect repellent with DEET in it if you are going into an area that has a lot of ticks. You should check yourself, your family members and your pets for ticks regularly. You can give your pets a tick preventative. You can also treat your yard for ticks to decrease the chances of being bitten. If you do find a tick, you should remove it with tweezers and dispose of it properly. This will help reduce the chances of you contracting an illness and stop the tick from biting anyone else.

Useful Tips to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Basement


Fleas can be one of the most annoying insects that we have to deal with in our homes. It can be difficult to completely eradicate them once they have a foothold in your basement. In this article, I would like to detail several easy steps to help you end your flea infestation. They are based on information from knowledgeable friends and veterinarians.

First of all, it is necessary to emphasise that a flea infestation in your basement is a serious problem that cannot be ignored. This would be easy to do as most home owners seldom even go down to the basement. Left unchecked, the problem could easily spread to your pets and the rest of the house and garden. You may wonder how fleas even get down there if you hardly ever open it and no pets are ever down there. Well, fleas multiply easily. It just takes one rat or mouse with fleas, or a stray cat who got into the basement, to start the whole cycle off. If you are an unwilling victim of this, you need to make it a priority to eradicate the pests as soon as possible.


Firstly, you must quarantine the basement immediately. Fleas are amazingly fertile, and by the time a home owner becomes aware of the problem, it is likely that the  fleas have already dominated the entire space. However, the basement is usually is a closed room that is separate from the rest of the house, so it must be quarantined right from the start to prevent them spreading. Remember to tell everyone in the house not to go in there until the problem has been dealt with. Keep your pets out of there too.



Secondly, you will need to clean everything in the basement. If your basement is not being used for a specific purpose, it is probably just a place for storing old things, and it will probably not be clean and tidy. Basements are generally darker and more damp compared with other parts of the house, which is exactly what fleas like. Humidity, dim light and a stable warm temperature are the three ideal living conditions for fleas. Therefore, first vacuum, then clean everything you can down there with soapy water.

Fleas have four different life stages: egg, larvae, pupa and adult. These four can easily be banished by vacuuming and by using hot soapy water. It’s cheap, effective, and easy to use. After that, there are also other solutions you can use to remove any remaining fleas,  such as flea bombs, aerosol sprays, and natural methods. Check this website for more details on these flea control methods.


Last but not least, remember to check regularly to ensure that the flea infestation has not returned. Several days after treating the problem, spend a little time checking the situation in the basement and report to your veterinarian or a pest control company if you continue to have a problem.

In brief, to fight against flea infestation is never easy or effortless. I hope the above tips are helpful. The main thing to remember is that “prevention is better than cure” so remember to keep even your basement clean and pest free. Thanks for reading!

A Guide to Mosquitoes

guide to mosquito controlMosquitoes have been plaguing people throughout all known time. Not only do they cause itchy bites that can be annoying, there are responsible for spreading a number of serious illnesses. The threat is so serious and ongoing that most communities and countries have extensive mosquito control programs which help to combat the outbreaks. There are still outbreaks each year in countries across the world of illnesses like Yellow fever and dengue fever. In order to combat mosquitoes, it is important to understand mosquitoes.  

The Lifecycle of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. After the eggs hatch, the mosquitoes are larvae and they spend time in the water until they become pupae and then hatch from that stage. At this point, the mosquitoes are adults and will begin flying around. The male mosquitoes feed on nectar, while the female mosquitoes need a blood meal so that they lay their eggs. Mosquitoes can lay up to two hundred eggs at a time.

Prevent Mosquitoes

Once you understand that the lifecycle of mosquitoes is so dependent on water, you can see that there are steps you can take to help prevent mosquitoes. One of the most important things you can do is to address any standing water that may collect in your yard in old buckets, hole sin stumps or in rocks. Mosquitoes only need a capful of water in order to breed and go through the different stages. If you can address the standing water, you will help to prevent mosquitoes.

You can also keep your lawn short and your bushes trimmed back. This will help the ground to dry out more quickly. It also helps by providing fewer places for the mosquitos to find harborage. Another option is to have a mosquito control treatment applied to your yard every three weeks. This will kill adult mosquitoes and prevent new ones from coming in your yard.

Why and How to Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes will carry a number of different illnesses. The West Nile virus and St. Louise encephalitis are issues in the United States. The Zika virus may spread north and become an issue as well. In addition to preventing mosquitoes in your yard, you should protect yourself when you are out and about. Wearing mosquito repellent is key to doing this. This option is safe for infants as young as two months. If you have a younger baby, you can use mosquito netting or keep the baby indoors.

5 Reasons You Should be Talking about Ticks

tick controlMany people never think about ticks. It is not a common that is commonly discussed. However, it is important to raise awareness about ticks and the dangers that they can cause to you and your family. Here are five reasons that you should be talking about ticks.

Ticks Carry Serious Illnesses

Likely the most well-known illness caused by ticks is Lyme disease. However, ticks can spread a number of serious illnesses including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, STARI, and Ehrlichiosis. Generally, these illnesses need to be treated with antibiotics and they can have long lasting effects if not treated soon enough. You can protect your family from these illnesses if you know how to safely prevent getting ticks.

Ticks and Old Wives’ Tales

Another reason to discuss ticks is because there are a number of old wives’ tales that talk about the different ways to remove ticks, but they are not actually safe to do. If you burn the tick with a match or rub gasoline or Vaseline on it, you may cause the tick to regurgitate into you, which increases the changes of you getting a tick-borne illness. Always remove the tick with tweezers by grasping it firmly and pulling straight back. Be sure that you do not leave any of the tick behind in your skin.

Ticks Can Make Your Pets Sick

Animals can become sick from the same diseases that plague people. They also need to be treated with antibiotics to help them recover from things like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The vet can test for these illnesses and prescribe medicine to help them. You should regularly check your pets for ticks and remove any that you find.

Ticks Can Cause Food Allergies

The Lone Star tick can cause some people to develop a severe allergy to meat, primarily red meat, although some people have also developed an allergy to chicken. This allergy will slowly worsen over time and first symptoms may be weeks or months after the initial tick bite. A doctor can test for this. The firs symptoms are feeling extremely sick a few hours after eating meat. It is easy to identify the adult female Lone Star tick because there is a dot on the back of the tick.

Ticks Can Be Prevented

There are things that you can do to prevent being bitten by a tick and to save you from the complications of these illnesses. The first is wear insect repellent when going to tick prone areas. You can also treat your yard for ticks. You should also check yourself after a camping trip or a hike. As you leave the woods, brush off your clothing to make sure you do not bring any ticks home with you.

5 Home Projects to Combat Mosquitoes

how to kill Mosquitoes
Image courtesy of Alvesgaspar CC by 3.0 SA

Mosquitoes are a nuisance for a number of different reasons. While many people focus more on the annoyance of being covered in itchy bites. Mosquitoes actually carry a number of serious illnesses that can affect both your family and your pets. There are steps that you can take to protect your family around your yard. Here are five home projects that can help you tackle mosquitoes.

Clear Out Yard Debris

The first thing you can do is clear out any yard debris. This includes old leaf litter, trash and even old tires that may be on your property. Anything that can collect water or prevents the lawn from drying out completely can make your yard more hospitable for mosquitoes. You should make keeping your yard neat and trim a priority since it can help with mosquito control.

Check Drains Around Your Yard

Another important step is to address the drains that are around your yard. Look at the drains that are coming off your gutters along the roof to be sure that they are draining properly. You should also check the gutters along your roof to make sure that they are not clogged and draining properly. You may have drain pipes around your yard that may be an issue. Check to make sure that there are no areas where water may be collecting without realizing it.

Check Your Screens

Every spring, you should check your window screens to see if they need to be replaced. If there are holes in them or if they are bent from removing them, you will need to replace them. The screens allow you to open your windows to take advantage of cool breezes while keeping the bugs out. You should check the screens to your patio doors and in your screen doors. If you do not have screen doors currently installed, you may want to consider installing them.

Remove Old Bird Baths

Bird baths are another issue that may be causing mosquitoes to be an issue around your property. Bird baths naturally collect water and it is still. If you want to continue to have bird baths on your property, there are a few things you can do to prevent mosquitoes. The first is to add a water feature that will keep the water moving inside of the fountain. The second is to empty the bird baths each week and scrub them out to get rid of the mosquitoes. The third option is to apply larvicide to the bird baths. This option will not harm the birds or other insects.

Check Potted Plants

You should check your potted plants both inside and outside of your home to be sure that they are draining properly. This will prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in your plants and creating problems. If you regularly have cut flowers in your home, be sure to empty the water in the vases each week and to clean the vases.

What Are Mosquito Control Programs?

What Are Mosquito Control Programs
Image courtesy of John Tann CC by 2.0

Mosquitoes are an issue throughout the world. They spread a number of serious illnesses. There are different strategies that people take to protect themselves from mosquitoes including use mosquito repellent, and mosquito netting. They may use candles and bug lights. However, the mosquito problem is so serious that many countries and government enact mosquito control programs to keep the mosquito population at bay.

How Do Mosquito Control Programs Work?

The programs work because an insecticide is spread throughout the area, especially in areas where mosquitoes are prone such as swampy areas. The insecticide needs to be applied on a regular basis to be effective. The insecticide will kill the adult mosquitoes. They may also address the areas where they breed, but they may have a harder time since they care covering such large spread areas.

Can I Have a Mosquito Control Program for My Yard?

You can contact a professional to come in and take care of your yard for you. They can apply a treatment to your yard on a regular basis. The treatments can eliminate the mosquitoes around your yard. They can also address areas where they breed with a larvicide or by emptying any areas that may have standing water. You can also take care of your yard to remove anything that may gather water like old tires. Keeping your lawn short and trimming back your bushes will also help with the mosquito population in your yard.

Will Treating the Mosquitoes in My Yard Make a Difference?

Treating the mosquitoes in your yard can help with the overall mosquito population. Sometimes neighborhoods, and homeowner’s associations will work together to help control the mosquito population in the neighborhood. It can make a difference to eliminate areas where they may be breeding over a wider area. The mosquito treatments are considered safe for people, and there are organic options that do not have a big effect on the environment.

How Else Can I Protect Myself from Mosquitoes?

If you are outside of your yard, you will need to make sure to protect yourself from mosquitoes. There are a number of different ways to protect yourself. Be sure to wear mosquito repellent and to reapply it throughout the day. Wearing light colored clothing is also helpful. If you are traveling to another country where mosquitoes are a known issue, you may need to take extra precautions and have mosquito netting that you can sleep under.

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Ticks

tick control
Image Courtesy of Fairfax County via Flickr CC by ND 2.0

Ticks can spread serious illnesses. They can make you and your family quite sick. People can get ticks when they spend time outside. They are more common in wooded areas, but they can also be found in the suburbs and in the city in parks or yards. They will feed on animals that run through the yard and they can put your family at risk.

How Do I Remove a Tick?

The best way to remove a tick is to grasp it with tweezers and to pull straight back to remove it. You do not want to twist as this may leave the head embedded in the skin. You can also use a tick key to remove the tick. You should never try to remove it by burning it, or applying gasoline, rubbing alcohol or Vaseline to it, as this may cause it to regurgitate and increase the chance of being infected.

How Do I Tell that a Tick Has Attached to Me?

Tick bites are painless, at least while the tick is attached. It is possible to have a tick attach and detach without you realizing that you have a tick. It is important to check yourself after you are in an area that has a lot of ticks. You need to check under your arms, along your hairline, in your ears, behind your knees and between your legs for ticks.

What Do I Do Once I’ve Removed the Tick?

Once you remove the tick you should put it on a cotton ball that has alcohol on it and seal it in a zipper bag. You can dispose of it this way. You should not just let it go because it can attach to someone else. You should not crush it with your hand or fingers because you may end up contracting the illness.

How Soon Will Tick Symptoms Appear?

Tick-borne illnesses can have symptoms start about three days after the bite, but they can take up to thirty days to appear. Many of the symptoms are similar with the start of a fever, and aches and pains. Some illnesses will have a rash, but the rash does not always present. The doctor can run tests to confirm the type of illnesses and determine the correct course of treatment. Most illnesses need to be treated with antibiotics or they will continue to get worse and can have serious complications that can even be fatal.

Do Ticks Detach by Themselves?

Once ticks have finished feeding, they will detach and then wander around until they are ready to feed again. This means that they may live in your home and be waiting until they are ready to feed again. If you see a tick in your home you need to take care of it right away by having the exterminators at Mosquito Tek treat your yard with an effective commercial strength tick control treatment that will completely eliminate ticks around your home.