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ITT Technical Institute in Springfield VirginiaSpringfield Virginia is located about fifteen miles outside of DC and has a population of 30,484. Springfield is a quiet community that consists of several schools and the Springfield Town Center shopping mall. With rail stops along the Virginia Railway Express, and the Metro Blue Line, the commute into DC is manageable for those that live in the area but work in the nations capital. The community is child-friendly with a number of good schools and is part of the Fairfax county system which has a number of parks and libraries throughout the area. The climate in Springfield consists of mild winters, with hot humid summers that lends itself to issues of mosquitoes that can become quite unbearable during the warmer months. Both Springfield homeowners and company owners that enjoy spending time outside on their property during the summer have come to find that Mosquito Tek provides the best mosquito control results at the best price using a comprehensive extermination plan that not only eliminates adult mosquitoes, but prevents their return by killing them at the breeding locations.

Mosquito Elimination Where They Breed

Many homeowners who attempt to exterminate mosquitoes themselves quickly find that their efforts are fruitless as the mosquitoes return as quickly as they are killed. Effective mosquito control is more than just spraying for the adult mosquitoes, but it’s equally important to eliminate the eggs and larvae to stop them from growing into biting adults. This is why Mosquito Tek takes a two-prong approach to mosquito control that includes addressing the areas where the mosquitoes breed by finding any temporary standing water and emptying it, and then treating any permanent standing water with a larvicide that will kill the larvae that feeds on it. This will prevent them from maturing into adults, and the larvicide won’t negatively impact other aquatic insects that are needed as a food supply for fish.

When to Choose Conventional or Organic Mosquito Treatments

organic gardeningNot every mosquito service requires the exact same type of insecticide. There are times when a mosquito infestation is at it’s worst, so a stronger conventional barrier spray treatment is required to have the greatest effect at killing all the mosquitoes for the longest period of time. Mosquito Tek uses Talstar in these circumstances, which is the very best commercial grade mosquito insecticide on the market. The Talstar product line has been voted the best mosquito treatment for the last five years, and has one of the strongest knockdowns of mosquitoes available, and is effective for up to three weeks. For customers that are faced with slight to a moderate amount of mosquitoes and want something that is as safe as possible for use around an organic garden or in the case of restaurants that provide outdoor dining, Mosquito Tek offers an organic mosquito control option using Essentria, which is an all natural ingredient mosquito insecticide that is NOP compliant. Essentria has no aquatic setback and is effective for up to two weeks.

Tick Control Treatment Options

While mosquitoes are known for spreading diseases like West Nile virus, ticks can also carry serious diseases like Lyme disease, and fleas can also cause your pets to become very sick as they make their lives miserable from scratching. Mosquito Tek is focused on offering you the best possible value at the best cost, which is why they offer an optional tick control upgrade with each mosquito treatment. Each treatment will also eliminate ticks in your yard, and offer an additional layer of protection to keep your family safe. The tick control treatments can be either added as an upgrade to your mosquito control service, or it can be purchased individually as a standalone treatment plan.Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Effectively exterminating fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes requires the highest quality insecticides that are applied by trained professionals who are knowledgeable at performing the treatment correctly so it kills the adult insects and prevents them from coming back. Mosquito Tek uses only the best commercial grade products, and every technician is not only highly trained, but also understands that quality customer service always puts the customer first, which is why they offer the best satisfaction guarantees in the industry. Every treatment comes with a Product Guarantee that means they will come out and respray if you see a single mosquito within two days of treatment at no cost to you. There is also a Money Back Service Guarantee that provides a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the service that you receive. When you consider these two guarantees, it is clear that Mosquito Tek is the best choice when it is time to choose a mosquito control company.

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    Mosquito-Borne Diseases and How to Prevent your Family From Getting Them

    baby playing in poolMosquitoes are known carriers for both the Zika virus and the West Nile virus. You will want to take the steps necessary to protect your family from the devastating effects of these illnesses by contacting a mosquito control expert like those at Mosquito Tek, who can apply a mosquito barrier treatment that will eliminate mosquitoes around your property. Mosquito Tek can identify the areas where mosquitoes live and breed and apply a treatment that will kill the adult mosquitoes and stop the larvae and eggs from developing into adults, so the mosquitoes do not return.

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