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Manassas VAManassas was formerly known as Manassas Junction, and is steeped in history since it was the location for the first major land battle of the Civil War, which occurred in July of 1861. Manassas serves as the seat for Prince William County, and has a population of over 41,000 people. Although the temperate winters of Manassas are popular with local residents who avoid the harsh weather of the northern states, the hot and humid summers of Manassas do have their drawbacks, such as the influx of mosquitoes when the temperatures rise. Along with the increase in mosquitoes comes the risk of mosquito bites that can carry deadly diseases such as West Nile Virus, which recently found in Fairfax that’s very close to Manassas. Homeowners and businesses that want to avoid both the annoying bites of mosquitoes along with the risk of disease are contacting the experts at Mosquito Tek for a professional mosquito control treatment, which will not only exterminate any adult mosquitoes that are on the property, but will also kill their larvae and prevent them from growing into adults.

Mosquito Prevention

Although spraying for mosquitoes will eliminate those that are already adults, it doesn’t address the larvae in the locations where mosquitoes breed. The best way to control mosquito populations is to prevent them from repopulating by not only eliminating any standing water that has collected in locations where it can be emptied, but also apply larvicides in locations where water collects naturally. By eliminating mosquito breeding locations, it will prevent the cycle of mosquitoes laying eggs, hatching, and repopulating as adults.

When to Choose Conventional or Organic Mosquito Treatments

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Mosquito Tek offers two mosquito treatment options that are both highly effective, but are safe enough to use around your family, pets, and the environment. The Talstar conventional mosquito spray is a great option if you want strong effective control that will last up to 21 days. It is one of the top-rated mosquito control products on the market with a very effective knockdown of mosquitoes. There is also an organic mosquito control option available that is NOP compliant and is good choice if you are worried about your pets or plants. It is even safe to use in an organic garden since it only contains all natural ingredients. This treatment lasts for up to 14 days.

Optional Tick Control

While most customers are primarily worried about mosquitoes, Mosquito Tek realizes that you may also be concerned about ticks, especially since ticks are known carriers of diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Fleas can be a nuisance to you, but they can make your pets sick with tapeworms or cat scratch fever. Mosquito Tek takes pride in offering the best value for your money, which is there is an optional tick control upgrade that can be purchased with every mosquito control service. The tick control treatment can be purchased either as an upgrade to a mosquito treatment plan, or it can be purchased individually.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mosquito Tek offers satisfaction guarantees to make sure you’re confident in the value, products, and service provided with every pest control service, no matter whether it’s exterminating mosquitoes, fleas, or ticks. The Product Guarantee gives you the peace of mind that if you see a single mosquito within 48 hours of the treatment, a technician will come out immediately to respray at no charge to you. The Service Guarantee offers a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the services you receive from Mosquito Tek. As an added value, you can rest assured you’re getting the lowest price available since Mosquito Tek will beat any competitors price by 10%.

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