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Buckhall VABuckhall, Virginia was original built around a school house known as the Okay Hill School and general store. It is now a small thriving community in Prince William County with a population of just 16,293. Most residents of Buckhall commute to work. The summers can be warm with a high of 88 degrees and colder winters. With the easy commute to the bigger towns in the area, it is a quiet community perfect for those who want to escape the busyness of the big city without giving up on the benefits of living near one.

Buckhall is a great place to raise a family and the temperate climate makes it great place to live. If the winters are mild, it will give the mosquitoes and ticks a chance to have strong season in the spring. If mosquitoes are stopping you from enjoying your yard summer evenings, contact Mosquito Tek to give you a mosquito free yard so that you can have your summer nights back through one of their effective yet affordable mosquito control plans.


Eliminate Mosquitoes Where They Breed

Mosquito life cycle

Mosquito Tek can eliminate adult mosquitoes in your yard with an effective mosquito spraying treatment. However, we take it a step further by focusing on where mosquitoes breed to prevent the larvae from developing to adult mosquitoes. The technicians will work to identify potential breeding areas and treat them with larvicide or eliminate them by emptying any standing water around your property. This dual approach will stop mosquitoes from being a problem in your home.

Conventional and Organic Mosquito Treatments

Mosquito Tek is proud to offer two types of treatment. We use Essentria for our all natural organic insecticide. It is effective at eliminating mosquitoes for up to 14 days while being safe for your pets, plants, and native wildlife. We use the Talstar product line for our conventional mosquito spray. This is a full-strength solution and it is one of the most effective options available. It will last for up to 21 days.

Tick Control

Mosquito Tek offers tick control as an option to add to any of their mosquito control programs. Ticks can transmit serious diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. With the treatments, you will no longer need to worry about applying bug spray every time you send your children out to play. Fleas are also an issue if you have pets, and the outdoor treatment can help to prevent an indoor infestation in the future.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With a solid reputation of being one of the best pest control companies in the Buckhall area, Mosquito Tek has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you see any mosquitoes within two days of receiving treatment, our technician will respray at no additional charge. In addition, the 100% Money Back Guarantee will make us your first choice for mosquito and pest control in Buckhall, Virginia. At Mosquito Tek, we understand just how important your family’s safety is, which is why we stand behind our services to keep your yard mosquito free.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about our Mosquito Control Services

    What should I expect during a treatment?

    Each mosquito control treatment follows the same 4 step process.

    • First, we identify the insects we are treating and asses the property.
    • Second, we will look for standing water and other possible breeding areas around your property.
    • Third, we treat the breeding areas with a larvicide to stop the larvae from developing into adult mosquitoes.
    • Fourth, we spray the areas around your property where mosquitoes live. The insecticide will create a barrier that both kills the mosquitoes and repels them from enter in your property.

    How do I know I am receiving the best possible products and service?

    At Mosquito Tek, we offer two Satisfaction Guarantees. The Product Guarantee that states if you see even 1 mosquito within 2 weeks of the organic treatment or within 3 weeks of the conventional treatment, we will respray at no cost to you. Our Service Guarantee offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with the service from Mosquito Tek.

    How do I know I’m getting the best price?

    We will beat any competitor’s written estimates by 10%. This way you will receive the best products, service and price in the area.

    We want to protect the environment. What are your organic or all-natural mosquito products?

    Our organic products are National Organic Program (NOP) compliant and last up to 14 days. They are safe to use around an organic garden and water sources since they have no aquatic setback. They are safe for your plants, pets and other wildlife in the area.

    How safe are your products for my family, pets and other animals?

    During treatment, you and your pets will need to be indoors or away from the area of treatment. We request that you wait 1 hour before resuming normal activities for the conventional products and 30 minutes for the organic products. The products need to dry completely, and it may take a bit longer on days with high humidity.

    I’m planning a special event. Do you offer a one-time service option?

    We do offer one-time special event treatment options. Contact us when you are planning your event and we will come to apply the treatment between 48-72 hours before your event. We will work with your party planner, rental company and caterer to come at the best possible time to make sure your event is free from mosquitoes, no-see-ums, flies and stinging insects.

    Mosquito Prevention Tips

    There are number of steps you can do to prevent mosquitoes in your yard and around your home. Here are some helpful tips for mosquito control methods you can do yourself:

    keep grass mowed

    • Eliminate standing water around your home—Tipping over buckets and lower pots as well as toys that may collect water and be used as a breeding ground by mosquitoes.
    • Use LEDS and bug lights—Mosquitoes are attracted to certain frequencies that are emitted by certain lights. Switching your outdoor lights to LEDs will save you money on your energy bill while decreasing the number of mosquitoes attracted to your property. Yellow buy lights also help.
    • Keep your lawn neat and trim—A shorter lawn allows the grass to dry out and will prevent mosquitoes, ticks from making your lawn their home.
    • Use effective mosquito repellents—DEET is the most effective mosquito repellent and the CDC reports that is highly effective at preventing bites.
    Looking for Pest Control?

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