10 Facts About Mosquitoes

mosquito controlMosquitoes can be a pesky insect. Known for ruining outdoor barbecues and parties as well as for spreading serious diseases there may not be a lot to love about mosquitoes. Here are ten facts about the pesky little insect.

1. There are over 3500 species of mosquitoes around the world. However, there are only about 175 species in the United States and West Virginia has the fewest species of mosquitoes.

2. Mosquitoes like warm weather and will develop more quickly in the perfect temperature of around 80 degrees. Some mosquitoes hibernate. When it reaches about 50 degrees they begin to look for places to burrow into. Others will lay their eggs in freezing water so they can hatch when it warms up.

3. Male mosquitoes do not suck blood. They feed on flower nectar instead. They also have a much shorter life span of about ten days.

4. Female mosquitoes need to feed on blood in order to lay their eggs. They also have a longer lifespan and can live up to 54 days.

5. Mosquitoes transmit disease to you through the saliva that they inject into you when they are feeding on you. The saliva acts as anticoagulant and stops the blood from clotting.

6. Mosquitoes can drink up to three times their body weight at each feeding. While this may sound like a lot, a mosquito only weighs about 2.5 milligrams.

7. Mosquitoes need water to breed, and they look for still or standing water. Emptying standing water on your property can help to eliminate the number of mosquitoes around your property.

8. Mosquitoes find you by the carbon dioxide that you emit. Since they cannot see well they are attracted the scents that you emit and can travel quite a distance to find you.

9. Mosquitoes are considered the deadliest animal on earth since the disease they carry can result in a number of serious illnesses and outbreaks.

10. You can prevent mosquitoes from living on your property by having a mosquito barrier treatment applied. This can take the hassle out of applying bug spray every time you want to spend time in your backyard. Contact Mosquito Tek to learn more.


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