Heavy Rains from Florence bring Flooding and Mosquitoes to NOVA

As Hurricane Florence pounded the Carolina’s and brought record setting amounts of rainfall, Virginia residents found out that the sheer size of this storm also sent large amounts of rain, tornadoes and flooding well into the Northern Virginia area and into DC. Couple the flooding throughout Fairfax and Arlington counties with the already high temperatures, and suddenly the area becomes a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Widespread Breeding areas for Mosquitoes

mosquito larvaeCompany owners and homeowners in areas like Alexandria are noticing the increase of mosquitoes after the rains have subsided, and one of the main reasons why this is happening is because mosquitoes lay their eggs in water where they hatch and the larvae can feed and grow into adult mosquitoes. Normally this happens where water occurs naturally such as in ponds or on the edges of rivers, streams, and lakes, but with the ground in Northern Virginia being heavily saturated, mosquitoes can quickly reproduce within the grassy areas where flooding has occurred.

Controlling Mosquito Populations with Professional Extermination

While some homeowners will try their best to control the additional mosquito populations using insecticides from their local hardware supply store, the only way to truly exterminate both the adult mosquitoes and their eggs is to leave it in the hands of mosquito control experts who not only understand where to use larvicides that will kill the larvae, but also wipe out all the adult mosquitoes using highly concentrated commercial grade mosquito insecticides. Mosquito Tek provides mosquito extermination services throughout Northern Virginia locations such as Alexandria, Arlington, Reston, and Annandale, and can effectively eliminate them using either conventional insecticides, or using organic mosquito control methods that use insecticides which are 100% safe under every circumstance with all-natural ingredients.

Eliminating Mosquitoes using Organic Methods

Even though most people elect to have the mosquito technicians use the strongest spray available when performing a treatment, there are many who have organic gardens or have businesses where there is a need for using insecticides which contain only all-natural ingredients. Mosquito Tek provides an organic mosquito control treatment that will not only kill all the additional mosquitoes that are plaguing the area from the flooding, but can do so with no impact on the environment whatsoever.

Expand the Radius of Protection Against the Mosquitoes with a Neighborhood Group Plan

When a mosquito extermination treatment is done on only a single location without treating the properties surrounding it, there are still locations where mosquitoes have an opportunity to breed. One of the best ways to expand the area where mosquitoes are not only exterminated, but their breeding sites get wiped out and the barrier spray can cover a wider area is to group neighbors together and get the advantages of group pricing by having multiple properties done simultaneously. Mosquito Tek offers discount pricing to groups and will work with your neighborhood to completely eradicate mosquitoes from making your neighborhood their home.